988 Vyrus Alyen

Vyrus Alyen

A Ducati-Powered Superbike Out Of This World

New Vyrus Alyen 988 Is A Ducati-Powered Superbike Out Of This World

Superbikes have always provided enthusiasts with great speeds for the buck, and while the new Vyrus Alyen has the speed part covered, it’s expected to be a multi-buck investment. Official pricing details and availability have yet to be disclosed, but the small Italian company specialized in hand-building adrenaline shots on two wheels has command around $90,000 for their previous offerings – and the new Alyen 988 sure looks extravagant enough to be a pricey jewel. The bike’s body is full of sharp angles and naked carbon fiber panels. The 17-inch wheels, wrapped in 120/70 and 200/60 front and rear tires, are made of carbon fiber as well, while the double omega frame is from magnesium. It sports underseat exhaust pipes that contribute to the looks, as well as a specially designed suspension that lets it attack corners at full pace, although bike fanatics think that the setup lacks in the feel department and leads to a wide turning radius. Stopping power comes from Brembo GP4 brakes, and it needs all the help it can get, as it packs a Ducati engine. The L-twin power unit has a capacity of 1,285 cc and a compression ratio of 11,3:1. It’s watercooled and works in conjunction with a six-speedwet-clutch transmission, pumping out 205 PS (202 HP / 151 kW) at 10,500 rpm. The fuel tank has an 11-liter (2.9-gallon) capacity and the superbike has a wheelbase length of 1,575mm (62 in).