Superbike Short Circuit Series

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We at SuperBike Magazine believe in building our sport up from its roots up and therefore we run the Short Circuit Series up here in Gauteng. Although we are Gauteng based, we do run it in other provinces as well but here we piggyback with the regional racing committees from those provinces all of which run under MSA. All our races are done on go kart tracks around the country and it’s our belief that the finest riders need to cut their teeth on short tight tracks first. By doing it this way they learn how to control their bikes at lower speeds and once they are released on longer circuits, they immediately find the transition so much easier. Our series caters for a variety of motorcycles where we start with riders as young as 4 years old on Pocket Bikes and Yamaha PW50’s. From there as they progress, they move up to more advanced Blata Pocket Bikes which can go as high as 12 HP. From there for riders aging 8 years and older we have a class called the SAMRA Honda NSF100 where these youngsters ride proper little Honda HRC race bikes with clutches, gears and disc brakes front and back. The bikes get transported to the tracks for the rider and all they need to do is pitch up and race. Staying with the youngsters we have 3 motard classes for the kids to ride raging from 50cc, 65cc right up to 85cc. These are basically MX bikes built with road racing tyres and rims and it’s a great way to get kids into road racing. From there the more professional kids move onto Honda CBR150 which is a good steppingstone onto bigger race bikes. After this we cater for the adult 450cc Motard classes where we have a SM2 class which is for newcomers to motards and then the guys move up to SM1 and SM1X which is for our professional guys. We even cater for a master’s and Grand Masters class for riders over 40 and 50 respectively. Then to round it off, if it has two wheels and an engine and it does not fit in any of the above classes, we have the Clubman’s class, as long as you are not trophy hunting anything goes, if it’s an old classic Super Single, a 2 stroke from yesteryear or a scooter or anything else which does not fit in anywhere else, we have a home for you to come and race against other similar minded individuals. We’d like to think we are the perfect place to be the steppingstone for youngsters wanting to step up to regional or national racing. This is proper old school racing with families taking centre stage.

How to get involved:


Obtain an MSA short circuit race licence. Go to or contact Allison on 011 675 2220.


Book your desired race number for your category/s you wish to compete in. This is done telephonically with Allison at MSA.


Email copy of race licence to


You may now enter the next race meeting via this website.

View Race Calendars

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Rules and Regulations

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